Recorded Talks

  • Computational MRI w Deep Learning

    Jon Tamir

  • Data Analytics and ML for Subsurface Engineering and Geoscience

    Michael Pyrcz

  • CityLearn: Demand Response using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

    Zoltan Nagy

  • Disparate Predictions: A Complicated Landscape

    Jamie Morgenstern

  • Facing an Adult Problem: New Data Sources for Fair Machine Learning

    Moritz Hardt

  • Mind the Gap: From Predictions to ML-Informed Decisions

    Maria De-Arteaga

  • The Role of Explicit Regularization in Overparameterized Neural Networks

    Shiyu Liang

  • Bootstrapping the Error of Oja's Algorithm

    Purnamrita Sarkar

  • Mapping timescales of cortical language processing

    Alex Huth

  • Closing the Virtuous Cycle of AI for IC and IC for AI

    David Pan