August 20, 2021

Student-run Seminar in ML/Optimization/CV

Students from Atlas Wang's research group are starting a series of seminars on a broad variety of topics in applied ML, optimization, and computer vision. Our invited external speakers are active and prolific researchers, including faculty, industry researchers, postdocs and senior Ph.D. students.

During this coming Fall, all talks will be virtually online via Zoom. The time is usually in the evenings (mainly because some members have to call in outside the US). The format is often quite informal and casual (we do a lot of discussions during and after talks); and the length could be anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

All seminars are OPEN, and we welcome you to join us! All detailed information will be updated in the following google doc. More seminars are coming soon!


Please email wuyang.chen AT for more information and to receive the Zoom link.